Season 1 Episode 103: Explosive Profits in 5 Months with House Calls
August 20, 2015
Season 1 Episode 101: From Burnout to a Six-Figure House Call Business
August 31, 2015
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Season 1 Episode 102: Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway

After multiple jobs that didn't live up to his expectations, Dr. Brandon Wilson was full of fear and left thinking, "what's next?"

When Dr. Wilson came upon the idea of doing house calls, it really intrigued him. "I began to think of how it was so much different than the typical clinic setting. You get to stay in the comfort of your home. No going anywhere, dealing with traffic and sitting in a waiting room, only to be seen for 5 or 10 minutes. With a 30 minute visit, it allows me to spend the time my patients need to get better faster".

Dr. Brandon started his house call practice with minimal investment AND STARTED SEEING PATIENTS in 2 MONTHS! His friends and colleagues couldn't believe it. Hear this doctor's inspiring story of how house calls changed the entire direction of his life and trusting in himself, rather than letting fears take hold.

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Bio: Dr. Brandon Wilson

Let me start by telling you I LOVE to help people. This is not just a job or a career for me, it is my calling in life. It brings me joy to help people get well.

I really strive to get to the underlying causes of people’s health problems. The reason I work hard to find underlying causes is that is what I want for myself and my family. For more on my journey to health, click here. I know the frustration of having health problems that doctors dismiss, because they either don’t have the tools or they don’t really think it’s a big deal. Because of this, I have learned some great things that allow me to find out the root causes of problems and then address and correct them.

I went to some great schools to acquire the knowledge and tools to bless lives. For my undergraduate work I went to Brigham Young University, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science. This gave me a great foundation in understanding the human body and for my graduate schooling at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While at Palmer, I learned how to diagnose and adjust the spine and joints of the body using the Palmer Package techniques, which really allow for a diverse set of tools to meet just about any situation.

While at Palmer, I also took an outside seminar where I learned Professional Applied Kinesiology. I became certified in this technique, with over 200 hours of coursework. This is where I really gained some amazing tools to get to underlying issues that cause most of our health problems and how to correct them. I also have additional training in Neuro-emotional Technique (NET), nutrition and functional medicine. This broad education has really given me the tools to help people in most aspects of their health.

I am blessed to have a beautiful and caring wife, Shari, who has been instrumental in my growth as a doctor. Thanks to her, I am really able to live the lifestyle I teach. We have two wonderful boys, Bron and Ben, who both bless and challenge us. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, going on hikes, doing yoga, working out and watching BYU football.

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I chose the name Heritage Wellness as it encompasses a larger picture of our health and wellbeing. We all have a heritage we have inherited and we will all leave a heritage for our posterity. Our heritage determines both the positive and negative genetic, environmental and cultural blueprints that have contributed to the health we have and the health we will pass on. Some of us have been given more challenging blueprints. Even if we haven’t been given ideal health or we have made poor choices in the past, the great thing is, our bodies can change how it uses these blueprints if we change the choices we make. That is where I come into the picture to help. By identifying physical, mental/emotional, chemical and lifestyle factors, I can help you optimize your health to make the most of your inherited genetic, environmental and cultural challenges and create a new heritage that will change generations to come!