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The mission of the House Call Revolution Podcast to show health and wellness professionals the freedom that's possible to take their business anywhere with house calls through inspiring people, successes, and messages to help them discover smart, innovative ways to build their business with house calls.

This is about sharing your experiences for the freedom-seekers who want to learn from others like you, so during our interview, I’d like to explore your vision, insights, and lessons learned — to show listeners what's possible and how they can create the business and freedom they want.

Thank you for joining me on the House Call Revolution Podcast, because this is the revolution you’re building.


Before we start recording, we'll get started by doing a 5-minute ‘pre-interview’. This will help us be well-prepared and ready to have a great show! Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in the ‘pre-interview:'

  • Central Themes: Quick overview of the podcast’s mission and audience.
  • Big Takeaway: What’s the key message you’d like to share?
  • Bio: Review details and special attention to any highlights you'd like me to make.
I’ll kickstart the interview with a short intro and then welcoming you to the podcast, as well as introducing you to listeners through your bio. I also like to give you some props in this section for why I wanted to have you on the podcast before we dive in.
Then I'll ask how you came to discover the house call model and why you decided it was right for you and your business. Every business owner has their story of "why house calls are for me." This is what pulls listeners in. They hear themselves in your journey.
"How does the house call model reflect your values and purpose?"

Together we'll discuss your vision and what it means for you to take your business anywhere with house calls. I'll ask you how this has shaped who you are as a provider and business owner, as well as how house calls contribute to your overall mission.
After discussing your business, we'll dive into the impact that house calls have made on your clients.

  • How has your community responded to house calls?
  • Can you share a "house call success story" of a client who's life improved because of house calls?
Every business owner has overcome mistakes and obstacles. This is where we can dive into some candid conversation and hindsight on what you've learned.

We'll cover questions including:

  • "What's the biggest lesson you've learned in having a house call business so far?
  • What's one mistake you've made and how did you learn from it?"
"What's the biggest takeaway you want to share with other professionals who want to build a house call business?"

This is an opportunity to share what you've achieved and what you've learned. The more specific the better to give listeners key takeaways that they can learn from and apply to their vision.
A big theme in this podcast is the freedom to take a business anywhere with house calls.

What can you share with listeners as a dose of motivation they can take with them to build momentum in their house call vision?

Think of this as the "if you remember one thing from this podcast, this is what I want you to hear" section!
I'll wrap up with a huge thank you and recap on our discussion, as well as let listeners know how they can find you online. These links will be shared in the podcast post as well.

I welcome the opportunity for you to share your website, link or initiative that listeners can learn more about.

House Call Entrepreneur + Mentor

I'm on a mission to give you the FREEDOM to take your business anywhere with house calls.

Hey Freedom-Seeker! I left convention years ago to escape the burnout and stress of a high volume practice. I was done feeling trapped by the typical path to building a business, so I broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure practice with house calls that gave me more time, less stress, and the lifestyle I craved.

As you can probably see from my pic, I'm not the typical "doctor." A little edgy, super down-to-earth, always adventurous, and loves breaking barriers, so house calls were such a natural fit. And have given me some amazingly unexpected opportunities along the way, like treating Broadway stars and the Lady Gaga Tour backstage (crazy, right?), as well as the awesome ability to bring care to my patients' homes, offices, or wherever they are.

Now I want to show others the way and am on a mission to show health and wellness professionals the freedom that's possible to take business anywhere with house calls.

Insert my brainchild, the House Call Revolution, where I bring you inspiring people, successes, and messages to help you discover smart, innovative ways to build your business with house calls. Thanks so much for joining me!

This is the revolution YOU'RE BUILDING, and I'm thrilled to be leading the charge!
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