Season 1 Episode 104: The Power of Choice to Create What You Want
September 8, 2015
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September 8, 2015
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Season 1 Episode 105: House Calls for Motorcycle Riders

With a lifelong love for motorcycles and a free-spirit at heart, Dr. Mindi Jentes wanted anything but a conventional practice.

Learn how this chiropractor combined her passions for healing and riding to create an out-of-the-box practice that focuses on helping motorcyclists "tune up their body, just like their bike" whether in-office or on the road.

Hear how Dr. Mindi created a hybrid practice that gave her the space to see patients in a traditional setting combined with the freedom to take her care where riders are. This is a inspiring story of how a house call business can reflect who you love working with, what you stand for, and everything that you are to make your unique mark.


Bio: Dr. Mindi Jentes - "The Moto Chiro"

Chiropractor by day, rider by night. Dr. Mindi, known as “The Moto Chiro,” knows the biker body better than anyone else and brings her care to wherever motorcycle riders are.

As a doctor, she’s an expert in the stresses and strains that riders deal with and the injuries that can happen after years on the road. An out-of-the-box chiropractor who goes beyond just taking care of your back and actually looking at your body as a whole, as an awesome, well-engineered machine, just like your bike.

Because it’s not just about one part of the body, it’s about how that part affects everything else. Like a leaky gas value or a squeaky gear, it throws off the rest of the ride, which is why Dr. Mindi goes beyond the typical chiropractic experience.

Dr. Mindi looks for signs of wear and tear and how riders body are being affected by the stresses that motorcycle riding can bring. She catches any issues right in their tracks to prevent them from becoming injuries down the road and is just as skilled with immediate needs and injuries to help bikers heal faster.

And she does this with custom care and individual treatment that meets the needs of each rider. Her goal is to make as many bikers in the SoCal area and beyond ride at their healthiest and their best, so they can do what they love and hit the road for years to come.

Here's the academic side of Dr. Mindi Jentes:

Dr. Mindi Jentes, B.A., D.C. is the owner & chiropractor of MotoChiro, serving the Los Alamitos and greater Long Beach/North OC areas.

She graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences with a Doctor of Chiropractic in December 2013 and has a Bachelor of Arts in Opera Performance from Grace College in June 1996. If you get to know her long enough, you may be graced with her rockin’ voice.

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