Season 1 Episode 111: Building a House Call Practice That Stands Out
December 10, 2015
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Chris Guillemet - Season 1 Episode 112

Season 1 Episode 112: Changing the World One Mobile Bike Shop at a Time

When Chris Guillemet realized his bike would be sitting in the shop for at least a week, he knew something had to give.

As an avid marathon runner and triathlete, Chris couldn't afford the inconvenience and wait time that's expected in a typical bike shop. So he combined his business acumen and love of cycling with his business partners to create a business model where cyclists can have the bike shop come to them.

Insert Velofix.

Launched in Vancouver, BC, Velofix is now growing across North America as a fleet of mobile bike shops offering premium, expert service anywhere a customer needs them.

If you want to learn how to build a thriving mobile business, listen in to this podcast as Chris shares the evolution of Velofix from an innovative idea to the international brand it is today.

What you'll learn in this podcast:

• Why your vehicle can be the best marketing tool for your mobile business.

• How the experience of mobile services instantly make you stand out from your competition.

• Why clients would prefer mobile care over going to the shop or office.

• How to go viral and building an explosive business on the road.


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Chris Guillemet – CEO and Co-Founder of Velofix

Chris Guillemet brings over 20 years of Business Experience to Velofix. He is active in endurance sports including marathons and triathlons and has competed at the Boston Marathon and IronMan.

Founded with a passion for cycling. VeloFix believes that bicycles can help change the world. Their goal is to offer a convenient Premium Service that gives you more time to do what you love…RIDE!

Velofix is a premium mobile bike service that offers a range of bike tuneup and repair services that are customizable to fit its clients’ needs. Our packages cater to all genres of cycling: road, triathlon, cyclocross, mountain, and commuter. With the same prices as a bike shop, you can book their services online and they’ll come to you to fix your bike.

To learn more, visit:

To get social:

Facebook: Velofix

Instagram: Velofix

Twitter: @Velofix

YouTube: VeloFixable
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